Making decissions about controversial issues when governing a city can be very challenging. There are no certain ways to coupe with these problematic and controvertial issues. If there are no guideliness or old patterns to follow the basic principles of city governance should be used to get results which are accountable and transparent.

We have gathered a few controversial issues as examples below:


Cities taxation is always very disputable and controversial issue. There are as many ways as there are mayors to handle and cope with the issue. Cultural differences and state policys define the ways how the city taxation is shaped. The difference between the structure of taxation in different countries and cultures is evitable, for example the structure of New York City's taxation and in the city of Paris is compeletely different.

Early Involvement

Early involvement would hopefully result in better project scoping, more predictable processes and maybe bring early and broad community support for the issue. Early Involvement can be used in concept development, design and in implementation of city policies, programs and projects.

The main problem with the early involvement strategy is that the identification of the pontential problem areas can be extremely hard, before these problems become an issue. Also lack of help from the community members can cause severe problems with the outreach and decission making.


Accountability can help the mayor to find improved strategias and tools for decission making process. It can also increase the trust for the made decission in the publics eye, however, when the city leaders and staff are not fully committed to accountability principles the results can be the opposite.

There can be major problems for example in scenarios where resources are not applied appropriately to public engagement services and when community members time and resources are not respected as they should be. Also a problem with accountability can be rised if the best practices are not properly identified and shared.

Finding solutions to controversial issues can be very hard, however, it is recommended to follow the basic principles in good city governance. Read the ethics and basic principles page for more information.